Now I am wondering if it's possible to get tickets to this incredible matchup because this will be a can't miss event.

406 MT Sports is reporting a new edition of 'The Match' is coming up on Tuesday, July 6th and it will be broadcasted live from Moonlight Basin in Big Sky. The golfers that will be featured will be the duo of PGA star Phil Mickelson and NFL superstar Tom Brady versus NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers and PGA star Bryson DeChambeau.

This will be the fourth edition of 'The Match' that started a few years ago with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson and these matches are extremely fun to watch. The groups do side bets, talk trash to each other and just have a great time. Phil Mickelson has participated in every single 'The Match', while Tom Brady participated in the second version of 'The Match". Here's a tweet from Tom Brady.

Tom Brady Big Sky The Match

In true duo fashion, the way they will play is that each player will hit a drive and choose the best ball and then rotate hitting shots until they make it into the hole. The whole event will be televised live on Tuesday, July 6th at 3 PM on TNT.

My thought process is though, will they allow fans to come and watch or will this be a private event? If it's open to the public or I have to buy tickets, I will gladly take a whole day off to hang out in Big Sky and watch some of the biggest legends in sports play golf for the day for fun.

For more details, check out 406 MT Sports.

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