Taylor Swift is once again doing her best to prove that she is America's sweetheart, literally.

The singer, who had a opening monologue walk-on on 'SNL' in New York City on Saturday night, flew to Ohio on Sunday AM (April 13) to attend a fan's bridal shower since she can't make the wedding. She came armed with baking supplies and noshed on treats with her fan-turned-friend.

So when she is not BFFing with her longtime gal pal Selena Gomez or road tripping with Karlie Kloss, the Victoria's Secret model, or going for the gold with Olympian Gracie Gold, or doing something fabulous with one of her 900 other celeb pals, Swift is making time for her fans.

Here's the intel on the fan. Her name is Gena and she has met Swift many times. They have become friendly and T. Swizzle promised to attend the shower, even though she had to nix attending the wedding. Swift is an international superstar without many holes in her schedule, so the fact that she used this window to keep a promise is pretty darn impressive.

How polite, though, right? T. Swiz can write the book on millennial etiquette.

Gena posted tons of pics from the festivities on her Instagram.

Swift should prepare for a flood of Swifties inviting her to ALL sorts of events now that word of this little sojourn to Ohio has become national news.

Taylor, seriously, we can't even!

Taylor looked so pretty in her mint green dress, didn't she? She fit right in with the ladies.

Taylor x Gena x L-O-V-E.

We have to wonder if Swift was bitten by the wedding bug.

The lovely ladies share a hug-filled and cute greeting.

Presents! Baking necessities.

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