With the hot temperatures spiking, more folks will be heading for a delicious, cool treat to enjoy this summer.

Sweet Peaks Ice Cream opened a few years ago on the corner of 8th Avenue and Main Street and their business has been incredibly good for them. Whether the season is summer, fall, spring, or winter, Sweet Peaks Ice Cream is pretty busy and many folks love their great flavors. My personal favorite is their Madagascar Vanilla.

The thing is they have been doing so well hopefully by July 2021 there will be the second location of Sweet Peaks Ice Cream in downtown Bozeman. According to Sweet Peaks, they will be adding their new location on the corner of Main Street and Rouse Avenue, right across from Tarintino's Pizza.

Sweet Peaks Ice Cream via Facebook
Sweet Peaks Ice Cream via Facebook

The small building used to home to Knife Sandwiches and Rockford Coffee and honestly is a perfect location for an ice cream shop. Located in the heart of downtown Bozeman, Sweet Peaks Ice Cream will now have zero competition around them for ice cream around. There is a Genuine Ice Cream Co. in Main Street Market but they don't stay open as late as Sweet Peaks Ice Cream.

Just to let you know July 2021 is a tentative date and there is no for sure when they will open but I would be surprised if they didn't open this location by the end of summer. Either way, this will be a popular place during the day or night to grab dessert in downtown Bozeman.

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