Halloween is right around the corner and while ghosts and goblins may scare you, those aren't the things most likely to strike fear in your heart.

The Chapman University Survey on American Fears has shed some light on what frightens us the most. About 1,500 people took part and the top fear is particularly telling, given that we're heading into an election year.

Yup, 58% shudder in their shoes over the thought of corrupt government officials. That was the most common fear, outdistancing the second-most popular phobia, cyber-terrorism, which nearly 45% admit terrifies them.

Chapman University Survey of American Fears
Chapman University

The study broke down all the various fears into 10 categories, including crime, daily life, environment, government, judgment of others, man-made disasters, natural disasters, personal anxieties, personal future and technology. Interestingly, while government corruption was the biggest fear, man-made disasters were the biggest fears among all categories.

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