People always talk about how Montana is so beautiful, and it has been a popular destination for the rich and famous during the summer. A number of celebrities own property in the state and spend their summer vacations here. When you add tourists into the mix, several places in Montana become nearly impossible to enjoy.

Summer Bummer
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If you actually live in Montana, summer is far less glamorous. It's difficult to find any place that isn't overcrowded, and everything keeps getting more expensive. If you have the money, you could probably escape the congestion at some exclusive private resort, but most people don't have that luxury.

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I get it, Montana is a beautiful place and people from all over the world visit Big Sky Country each year. The state's population is growing rapidly, and more visitors are flocking to the state. The increase in visitation may be good news for Montana's economy, but a lot of locals aren't too happy about it.

Why is Spending a Summer in Montana Overrated?

If you've been thinking about taking a summer vacation to Montana, think again. There are several things to take into consideration before you finalize your vacation plans. You may have heard that Montana is one of the best places for a summer vacation, but here are a few reasons why summer in Montana is overrated.

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5. Montana is Expensive

  • Montana isn't cheap. The cost of almost everything in the state is ridiculously high. In most places, you can't even find a decent hotel room for less than $400/per night. That's if you can even find anything that isn't booked. If you're hungry, you should probably plan your own meals, because restaurants in Montana are expensive as well,

4. Everything is Over Crowded

  • There may be a lot of beautiful things to see in Montana, but it's difficult to enjoy any of them when you have to deal with large crowds wherever you go. You can't really escape the crowds during the summer in Montana.

3. The Fire Season is Terrible

  • We may have lucked out this year due to all of the spring precipitation, but on a normal year, the fire season in Montana is awful. The smoke gets so thick that you can't even see the beautiful mountains that the state is known for.

2. The Weather is Unpredictable

  • The weather in Montana can change in an instant. One minute you're enjoying the sunshine, and the next you're chasing after all of your stuff because the wind blew it away. The state is known for dangerous thunderstorms and extremely high wind speeds. Make sure all of your stuff is tied down and waterproof.

1. Traffic is a Nightmare

  • Due to the number of out-of-state visitors that travel to Montana each summer, traffic on the state's highways gets congested at times. Most of the time, tourists have a hard time navigating their way through Montana, and end up confused and lost. It can be extremely dangerous when you're sharing the road with them.
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Can you think of any additional reasons why summer in Montana is overrated? Send us an app chat on our radio station app and let us know about them.

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