It's one of the most treasured trophies in sports, and it showed up in the wildest place in Montana.

Montana loves winners. We love people who pedal to the metal in life or sports. That's probably why so many folks love either participating or watching hockey. You can find hockey fans wherever you might be in Montana. Each person has an NHL team and loves the game's fast-paced nature.

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A few weeks ago, the NHL season ended with the Vegas Golden Knights winning their first-ever championship. At that moment, the Golden Knights hoisted the most famous trophy in the world, the Stanley Cup.

Vegas Golden Knights Victory Parade And Rally
Candice Ward/Getty Images

The Stanley Cup is one of the most iconic trophies of all time. The history of the trophy and how every player in the NHL wants to hold it up in the air shows how crucial this trophy is to the players, fans, and owners of the league.

Well, Montana got to enjoy the Stanley Cup this past weekend, and this might have been the first time the trophy has been in Montana.

Rock Creek Cattle Company via Facebook
Rock Creek Cattle Company via Facebook
Vegas Golden KnightsRock Creek Cattle Company

Credit: Vegas Golden Knights via Twitter

The Rock Creek Cattle Company is where the Vegas Golden Knights have spent time in the preseason for the team to bond and relax. It makes sense they would go back to celebrate their massive accomplishment this season with Lord Stanley.

If you ever get to see the Stanley Cup in person, it's quite a feeling, and for those who hung out with the trophy this weekend, you are one of the lucky ones.

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