If you know me, you know that I am a sucker for a great steak dinner, and luckily in Montana, we have quite a few to choose from across the state. 

If you live in Montana and are a vegetarian, I am sorry. You are missing out on one of the most delectable dishes you can get in our fine state. I am talking of course about a steak dinner. Sure, you can make your steak dinner at home, but nothing can compare to venturing out to a certified steakhouse in Montana and getting a fantastic cut of steak. 

Here in Montana, we have steakhouses that span across the great state, but which ones are the best, and how do we possibly limit the list to ten steakhouses. Thanks to Yelp, we found most of the top-rated steakhouses in the state of Montana. 

We also talked to some of our coworkers and asked for their expert opinion on the best steakhouses they believe reside in Montana. We didn't want to rely on Yelp for the whole list. There are some hidden steakhouses in small towns across Montana that deserve some love too. 

If you are planning some trips this summer around Montana and want to check out some great local steakhouses that might be nearby, you should seriously check out one of these restaurants. You will leave these steakhouses with a full belly, grinning ear to ear, and probably fall into a meat coma shortly afterward. 

Who's in the mood for a steak dinner? 

10 Best Steakhouses in Montana

If you live in Montana, you have to love a good steak dinner now and then. Luckily, here in Montana, we have steakhouses that spread far and wide throughout the state. If you are traveling through Montana or vacationing around the state, give one of these places a try.

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