Whether it's early morning or in the evening, this intersection can be the biggest headache you will ever encounter.

With the city of Bozeman growing at an increasing rate every year, one of the most annoying aspects has been the massive traffic jams at several intersections throughout the Gallatin Valley. It's mind-blowing to see how many traffic jams can happen at many different points.

The thing is, which intersection is the worst in Bozeman during rush hour? Is it the roundabout near Costco? The off-ramp into Belgrade? The turn to Baxter off of 7th Avenue? There are so many terrible intersections to choose from it's wild. There is one intersection though, no matter what time of day, always be the worst, and you can't change my mind.

The worst intersection in Bozeman has to be Rouse Avenue and Main Street. It's horrible traveling from Main Street and then turning on Rouse Avenue for one major reason: Main Street doesn't have a turn signal there, so you're basically stuck trying to turn across two lanes of traffic and that is a nightmare whether there's heavy traffic or not. There is always a constant stream of cars throughout the day, and that's not including delivery trucks who "need" to double park near that intersection to drop off packages.

If I'm driving in downtown Bozeman, I will avoid this spot whenever I can because it's just brutal to get stuck there. Am I wrong? Let us know below what you think is the worst intersection in the Gallatin Valley. We could be missing a few that are worse.

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