I'm asking for a raise!

Everyone thinks they deserve a raise, but if you haven't gotten a good one in a while, there might be a simple explanation. And it's not necessarily that you're bad at your job, or that the economy is still hurting.

Here are the top six reasons people get passed over for raises.

#1.) You Only Do What's Expected of You.  A good rule of thumb is to be the type of employee who makes your boss's job easier.

#2.) You Go to Your Boss Every Time There's a Problem.

You're more likely to get a raise if you can provide solutions, not just let people know when there's a problem.

#3.) You Don't Call Attention to Your Accomplishments. You can't just do a bunch of extra work and HOPE someone notices. You have to make sure they know . . . but be subtle about it.

#4.) You're Not Updating Your Skill Set. In other words, you're not staying up-to-date on things that would make you better at your job, which is especially important if you work in technology.

#5.) You're Not Paying Attention to Details. If you make a lot of mistakes, ask the same questions over and over again, or your boss constantly has to remind you about stuff, you probably shouldn't expect a huge raise . . . or any raise.

#6.) You Haven't ASKED for a Raise. If none of the other stuff on this list applies to you, then you might just need to bring it up. But before you do, make sure you can explain WHY you deserve one.

Sadly, you're still more likely to get a raise if you're a man. A few years back, researchers at Harvard had volunteers watch footage of either a man or a woman asking for a raise.

Then they asked if the person in the video DESERVED a raise. And even though the men and women in the videos used the exact same script . . . people were more likely to say the men deserved raises, and that the women were too aggressive.

That's stupid

Source:  (Lifehacker.com)