Road beers could become a thing again for passengers in Montana. 2017 just got a little bit more interesting.

So, when I was growing up here in Montana one thing that seemed out of the ordinary to other states in America was that we had an "open container" law where passengers in vehicles could openly carry an alcoholic beverage and if the person driving got pulled over, they would not receive a ticket for an open container.

Credit:wundervisuals/Getty Images

Well, a few years ago, they outlawed that and no matter what, you couldn't have an open alcoholic beverage in your car at any time. The penalty isn't steep, but it's still $100, and that's a lot of beer money.

The thing is the Montana Legislature is starting to look at this provision and might amend it to allow open containers again in the state of Montana. I could go either way on this. But let us know what you think by casting your vote below.

Should passengers of your car be able to have an open container? Vote now!

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