It's a Bozeman St. Jude tradition. Each year Bryan Barnhart and Dave Kuhn of Montana Stucco and Rock meet up at the Filling Station on the Friday of the St. Jude Radiothon to shave heads and raise money for St. Jude.

This year, they raised $582 at the Filling Station.

They plug in the clippers, turn on XL Country 100.7 and shave the head of anyone who sits down in their chairs. Each year is a little different; sometimes there are 30 people, sometimes 60.

This year, they convinced XL Country's Jesse James to sit in the hot seat. After pulling together $240, the annual cost to become a Partner in Hope, Jesse agreed to go under the clippers.

It's a tradition and a fun way to support St. Jude. Check out the photos above.


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