Since I've moved to Montana, I've been trying to experience as much as I can as a way to fit in or relate to people who already live here. I figured that if I blog about something or talk about something on my show, I want it to be about topics that people from Montana are passionate about. If I blog about my life in Idaho, no one cares. So, I've been focusing on my new life in Montana. I understand that many of the things I'm experiencing for the first time are common knowledge for most people that live in Montana.

Growing up in Idaho, I understand that a lot of places are sacred and important to people on a personal level. There are many things about Idaho that I want to keep a secret because I don't want those places to be overrun by tourists, and people that will potentially destroy my favorite spots. For the first time in my life, I am considered an "out-of-stater." Being an "out-of-stater" has been a weird experience for me, especially since all I'm trying to do is fit in with the locals.

Yesterday, I received a comment on a post on the XL Country Facebook page. It was a post about my new house just east of Bozeman. I'll give you the short version. The person that commented said that I post too many things about myself and my experiences. She stated that the newsfeed on the XL Country page should consist of stories of country stars and events going on around Bozeman. I get that sentiment, as country music news is definitely an important aspect of the country music format.

She went on to say that I need to stop posting about when I go fishing, and how I relax around Bozeman when I'm not working because I'm giving away Montana's secrets. She said it's the stuff that is "ruining and overpopulating Montana so much." She said that I post about the best camping spots and fishing spots, and that she's "over it."

It got me thinking. Maybe I should be more generic. Maybe my posts should be instructional videos on how to tie your shoes, or "Can you guess what color my socks are today?" Let me make myself clear, I never post anything with the intent of causing any harm to the great state of Montana. I post about it because I love it here. I consider my listeners my friends, and when I post about a good fishing spot, it's not because I'm trying to ruin Montana. It's because I want to tell my "friends" where they can go with their families to enjoy themselves and catch some fish. I'm not in any way trying to ruin Montana. Many of the things that I post about are my attempt to allow listeners of XL Country to get to know me and who I am.

It's been heavy on my mind the last couple days, and the last thing that I want to do is make enemies because I'm giving away Montana's secrets. I want to talk and write about the things that you want to hear and read about. I don't want to be hated because I'm revealing too much about how great Montana is. For anyone that I've angered or offended, I apologize.

I want to know what you think. Am I posting about things that I shouldn't be posting about? Am I giving away too many Montana secrets?  I just want to be accepted and not be deemed an "out-of-stater" because I intend on sticking around awhile. I hope that's okay with you.

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