A registered sexual offender was seen near Hawthorne School yesterday.   William Rectenwald is a 68 year old male, approximately 250-300 pounds.  He drives a 1981 Citation (grey).

For more information on Rectenwald,  click here.

It's shocking how many registered sexual offenders there are in our area, and some live near schools and parks.  Rectenwald lives in Belgrade, but is mobile.  Keep yourself educated about other sexual offenders in your area by clicking here.

Also, please talk to your kids about stranger danger.  I worked in news for many years, and every single time something bad happened to a child, the parent said, "I never thought something like this would happen here.  It's so safe."

Some people think I am overprotective, but I don't let my kids play out front without a grown-up, and if they want to walk to the nearby park, I make sure that my husband or I go with them.

Let's work together to keep our kids safe from predators!

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