Happy New Year everyone!  Ok, ok, I'm 11 days late!!  I've just been trying to get over the post-holiday blues.  It's always so sad when we have to take down all of the beautiful decorations and everyone's cheerfulness has moved over for everyone's grumpiness for spending too much.

I'm trying to get motivated because I have so much to be excited about!!  I'm finally getting my Craft Works shop cleaned up, organized and set up.  It will be so nice to have a large designated space to be able to craft in!

Now is the time to get all of those wonderful deals on organizing supplies!  All the stores have great sales, because, of course you know, January is the time that people resolve to "be more organized".  Time to get our lives together.  The prequel to Spring Cleaning.  For me, it's having just recently moved and trying to decide where and how I wanted to set up.  I know "where", now I just have to decide "how".  Just trying to get back into the swing of things.

So, pick your favorite space in your home and get it organized (if it isn't already) and enjoy your New Year!