Do you have trouble getting motivated?  Not just for being creative, but with other things too?  We all do, at some time or another.  I am still unpacking and have boxes out in the garage to be brought in, but sometimes, I’m finding it hard to get motivated.  Even with the reward of getting to craft.  I’ve made the deal with myself, once I get everything squared away, I get to play upstairs in my craft room.  However; I am still having difficulties getting motivated.  No matter how enticing the reward, no matter how glorious you know the end result will be, it’s hard to get going.  I know, once I get started, I’ll be fine and will not want to stop, but getting started is the tough part.  Do you offer yourself a reward for getting a task done that you have been putting off or can’t get motivated to do?  I mean really, getting to craft with a clear conscience???  Who wouldn’t be motivated by that??  Ok, I’m already getting some motivation running through me… I guess it’s time to watch some of my craft shows and browse through my magazines for some inspiration.  I need to get busy!  Christmas is just around the corner.

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