This place is not only very underrated but not well known so you can definitely enjoy some peace and quiet at this hotel.

Love Exploring came out with an interesting list of Each State's Best Motel and I went directly to Montana because there are some incredibly awesome motels in Montana across the state to choose from. There are spots in Polson, Whitefish, and even right here in Bozeman. The spot they did choose for Best Motel is Montana is hoenstly a perfect description of a Montana motel.

The best motel in Montana is apparently the Riverfront Motel and Lodging in Thompson Falls, Montana. This cozy llittle spot not only has motel rooms but they have some great cabins for the whole family. This spot in Thompson Falls is also near a bunch of secluded trails and next to the Clark Fork River.

Riverfront Motel Thompson Falls, Montana via Facebook
Riverfront Motel Thompson Falls, Montana via Facebook

My parents went here a few years ago on their wedding anniversary and absolutely loved it. The motel is quiet and scenic and perfect for a weekend getaway with loved ones. Honestly, I might need to book a few days here if I am feeling a little overwhelmed form all the tourists. Doesn't that sound like a great weekend trip and plus, the rates are super reasonable.

Thompson Falls might seem like a long way to go for a little trip but until you go there and expereince it for yourself you will never know.

For more details, check out Riverfront Lodge.

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