I have gotten a few texts these last few weeks claiming that I have won a $1000 Target gift card.  Hopefully you haven't been caught up in this mess.  

The phone numbers I have received the text from 612-751-7898, 619-961-0141, and 909-764-7718.

There are reports from news stations all around the US since July that this scam has been happening.  I would recommend not responding to this text and definitely do not go to the website from your smart phone. If it sounds to good to be true it usually is.

The texts say- "Your entry last month has WON! go to targetcontests.com and enter your winning code 2912 to claim your FREE $1000 Target gift card within 24 hrs."

Between these three texts I should have $3000 in gift cards from Target.  I'm so lucky!  Best luck ever for entering a contest that I never actually entered!

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