Come downtown to see Russell Damm as he broadcasts live from Scnee's.  From 4-7 tonight you can come out and get some great advice for your hunting season.Here are a few tips from NorthWestern Energy to make your hunting experience a little more safe.

1. NorthWestern Energy wants you to have a safe and enjoyable hunting experience. Be aware of your surroundings and be responsible. If you see power lines or other electrical equipment in your sights, don’t pull the trigger.

2. During the hunting season, a few vandals can give responsible hunters like you a bad name. Shooting at insulators, power lines, transformers or power poles can cause damage to equipment that may result in power outages, fires or severe injury. It’s dangerous for the public and NorthWestern Energy crews who have to repair this vandalism. At NorthWestern Energy, we care about your safety. If you see signs of vandalism, call 888-467-2669 or your local authorities immediately.

3. It’s also important to be aware of your surroundings while enjoying other outdoor activities, like boating and fishing. Masts, fishing poles, or tall radio antennas could contact overhead wires.

4. If you’re outside during an electrical storm, do not stand under trees and make sure to get away from lakes and ponds. Even if you are in a boat, you’re at a very high risk of electrocution. If you’re caught in the open, seek low ground and sit or lie down.

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