Ronnie Dunn has taken to sampling new songs in progress for his fans, and from the sound of it, his latest one is a potential hit in the making.

The former Brooks and Dunn singer shared a new song titled 'Peace Love and Country Music' via Souncloud recently, and from the glowing comments he's been getting, so far his fans are mostly thrilled with it.

Unlike 'Country This,' an edgier track that Dunn previewed back in April, 'Peace Love and Country Music' has more of a traditional vibe married to a slick modern production, and it's exactly the kind of mid-tempo tune that serves as a perfect showcase for Dunn's signature vocal style. The singer clarified on Facebook that the track is a "total rough," so what's there is just an early mix from the project he's been working on.

Since leaving Sony last June, Dunn has been using social media to engage his fans and try to come up with alternate ways of marketing his new music that don't rely so much on the traditional Nashville business model. Facebook and Soundcloud have both been a part of that new strategy, but Dunn cautions that while social media has its place, it "is not the entity that defines true talent. I don't want to be here because I can tweet ... I want to be here because people derive pleasure from the music that I do."

The new track is apparently from an album that Dunn has been working on, which has no set release date as of yet. It may be one of the focus tracks, since he has adopted the title as a closing line to many of his online posts -- and as he recently noted, "That's a T-shirt."

Listen to 'Peace Love and Country Music' by Ronnie Dunn

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