Want a taste of brand new Ronnie Dunn music? Well, today's your lucky day. The singer previewed the rowdy and thoroughly rocking' new track 'Country This.' Dunn himself labeled it as one of the "edgier" tracks on his upcoming record and it's certainly a different sound for him. So how does it stack up?

Well, it'll put hair on your chest and while it references George Jones in the lyrics, it's powered by a stadium-sized, hard rock riff. Dunn rapid fires his vocals and is backed by some soulful female singers. He's got serious attitude on this track. We're left to think, 'Yes, sir!'

Dunn is well aware that this song could shake his fanbase up a little. He posted a reassuring note with the track, writing:

....sample of one of the "EDGIER" tracks on the upcoming cd.
Don't run off hardcore country fans, there are hardcore songs... too !! :) RD

So there! Hardcore Dunn fans needn't fret. It might be "edgier" and rowdier, and not what you're used to, but it's firing on all cylinders and is anthemic and insanely catchy, nodding to the culture of country music.

We can practically see scores of country fans wearing t-shirts with the words 'Country This' splashed across the front and the fists pumping in the air when Dunn goes to play this live.

Dunn also posted a lengthy response to a Facebook post someone wrote about people loving Dunn's voice when they hear it, but they don't realize he is the Dunn of the now-defunct Brooks & Dunn.

There was the suggestion that the singer needs a major advertising campaign so people can be educated about him.

Dunn's reply is below where he reveals why he parted ways with his label and the formula he thinks that artists need to survive and succeed, regardless or genre or generation.

I totally agree. My long time WME agent (handled B&D) said the same thing. The label wasn't behind the first cd after Joe Galante (one of the best label heads around) quit just as B&D split up. The new guy (was/ is) just learning. Good promo team but frazzled infrastructure..... so, I asked to get off the label. They were kind enough to let me go. For that I am appreciative.

I went to work on this next cd. I finished it last week and we are shopping our options. They are all good.

....as pathetically, commercial as this sounds and is, Nashville has ONE primary formula for punching through to the mainstream market....radio, radio, radio.

RDunn has benefitted tremendously by that formula....but, there is a WHOLE LOT of street chatter about alternative modes of mass exposure and it needs to be utilized.

Rule #1. The song ALWAYS leads the way no matter how you go about it.

Rule #2. It takes a massive support team. ENGAGED fans are first and foremost the most powerful force behind the artist and the song. Winners coming off of American Idol already have an army of actively, engaged fans....tens of millions. That's why they tend to do so well coming out of the box. They have an instant fan base....rooting for THEIR winner. Their ONLINE fan base is massive. Whether they have staying power like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood depends on pure talent. Kelly Clarkson is one of the BEST singers I have ever been in a room with. She is frighteningly talented... so, there's a win/win and she's still around and going strong. Carrie Underwood's not bad, either :)

Rule #3. You have to get out in front of people....show 'em you got what it takes. Beer joint or stadium...I don't mind either and I've played it all.....just play.

Rule#4.  LUCK !!! The GREAT UNKNOWN swings a big stick in EVRYTHING in life. Sleep with the bat in your hands !! Be ready when the ball comes over the plate.

Listen to Ronnie Dunn 'Country This'

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