We adopted a cat from the Heart Of The Valley a couple of years ago.

He was an instant part of our family.  I've never been a cat person, and I loved him so much!

He would cuddle with the dogs, let the kids haul him around, and loved to be brushed and cuddled.

He was not a small cat.  His favorite place to sit was in our aspen trees above the hot tub.  He fell out and broke his neck.  Only telling you this part, because he died young, and everyone wants to know what happened.

Telling the kids was so hard, they were brokenhearted.

My sweet husband made a coffin and a headstone for Little Boy (biggest cat I've ever seen)!

Today, they had a funeral...and while it's a very serious event, the picture my husband sent me of the kids made me laugh.

I love these little people, and as soon as we mourn Little Boy for a while, we're heading back to the shelter to adopt another family member.

We loved you, Little Boy!