Are Cats Evil, Or Just Jerks? [Video]
I seem to have a lot of cats in my neighborhood--- this means cats do there business everywhere!  Apparently my backyard used to be the neighborhood litter box, seriously there was a lot of cat crap!  Yesterday I came home to a mess on my steps.
Name My New Cat!
Meet _________.  I need your help filling in the blank.  We adopted this beautiful four year old cat yesterday from Heart Of The Valley Animal Shelter.   My kids are so happy, and I figure what's one more mouth to feed?
We are having a hard time coming up with the perfect nam…
Amazing Spider Cat Climbs Entire Wall [VIDEO]
This possibly titanium-clawed feline scales right up a kitchen wall while in pursuit of an elusive laser pointer. Then, as if to proof its amazing climbing abilities weren’t just some fluke of adrenaline, the cat holds on, five feet high, for a good three seconds. Check out…