That's "old timers" not Alzheimers.

Last night, settling in to go to sleep was a comedic sketch.  Tom got himself, the dog, and the cat all snuggled up in bed first, so when I finally tried to go to bed, this is what ensued:

Tom: Did you turn the oven off?

Lori: I think so, why?

Tom: I thought I heard it "click".

Lori: Ok, I'll go double-check.

So, Lori goes to the kitchen to double-check the oven ~

Lori: Yes, it's off

Tom: Ok - I think it was the train anyway.

Lori: The train??


Tom: Oh, did you turn the fan off (for the fireplace)?

Lori: I didn't know it was on.  I didn't hear it.  I'll go check.

So, Lori goes to the living room to make sure the fan is off ~

Lori: Yes, the fan is off.


Lori: Did YOU turn the fireplace off? (it's a gas fireplace)

Tom: I think so.

Lori: I'll go check

So, Lori goes to the living room to check the thermostat to make sure the fireplace is turned off ~

Lori: Yes, it's turned off.


Tom: I sure could use some pills, my head hurts.

Lori: Ok, I'll go get you some.

So, Lori goes to the kitchen and brings Tom back four Advil in a little cup and a bottle of water.  Tom looks in the cup ~

Tom: Are you trying to kill me? (Seeing the four Advil).

Lori: I was giving you an option of how many you wanted. (Thinking if he wanted more than 2 or 3, I wouldn't have to go back into the kitchen).

Tom: I think what I really need is a couple sinus pills.

Lori: Ok, Ill go get them for you.

Tom: Here take these two back and get the sinus pills instead.

Lori: Ok

So, Lori goes to the kitchen, puts back two of the Advil and gets the two sinus pills ~

Lori: Here ya go.

Tom: Thanks.

*pause*  *pause*

Tom: You're such a mess!

Trust me, this is really what happened!!  The cats were just as confused following me back and forth from the bedroom to the kitchen and living room, thinking each time that "this" was the time for snuggling in - kind of like Tom, Daisy, & Kady already did.

Yup ~ this is ~ "living with Old Timers"!!