I think there could be a lot of opinions about what Bozeman is but we have some work to do to make it better for everyone.

I was scrolling last night on the internet and came across an article called, "How Bozeman, Montana Became of America's Coolest Towns" from Travel and Leisure, and it was quite an interesting read.

The article from Travel and Leisure talks about how Bozeman is full of entrepreneurial spirit with small businesses and that is true. Bozeman is filled with fantastic businesses ran and operated by locals and folks who have a passion. The article also touches on how close we are to amazing trailheads that go on for miles and you can feel the small-town world and that is very true.

Listen, I love Bozeman and think it's incredible but this has nothing about how Bozeman has been going through some big troubles with the housing crisis. I thought they were going to address it with the line "Bozemanites do leave" but then they go on to talk about they leave to grab dinner in Livingston.

I understand the article is to show off Bozeman and how awesome it is to travel to but if you are going to paint Bozeman as a 'cool town', please include the not-so 'cool' stuff. They also go on to describe places to stay, eat, and drink in Bozeman and forget some of the biggest Bozeman staples. From awesome restaurants such as the original Montana Rib & Chop House in Livingston to South 9th Bistro or having drinks at the Molly Brown or Bozeman Spirits Distillery. They seemed to be more focused on more boujee places and that's not what Bozeman is about.

Maybe I am wrong here but I don't think I am.

Check out the full article on Travel and Leisure.

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