Professional arm-wrestlers as seen in the World Armwrestling League on ESPN are set to descend on Bozeman, MT next week to meet local fans and battle it out in a winner-take-all tournament.

As part of the WAL’s 2016 qualifier series, the top-level arm-wrestlers will be on hand to meet members of the community, give tips on training and technique, and grip up with wannabe “pullers.”

“Everybody can arm-wrestle, and everyone who thinks they might like it should give it a try,” said Ben Murray, Director of Operations for WAL. “A lot of these guys are even mightier than they look on TV, which can’t really show you how incredibly strong a competitive arm-wrestler is in his arms and hands.”

“You have to grip up with them to believe it, and I promise you, there is nothing like a handshake from an elite arm-wrestler in terms of a one-of-a-kind experience.”

Some of the best in the Bozeman, MT area will be on hand on April 2, 2016 at 3:30pm at the Gallatin Valley Mall for the WAL event.  Arm-wrestlers and officials will offer meet-and-greet opportunities and a workshop on the sport before competition begins.

Then, the tournament for all those who want to compete will start at 3:30pm.

WAL made waves in the sports world this year when it premiered ESPN2 in July to more than hundreds of thousands of viewers in its first night, collecting millions more as it crushed ratings expectations in following weeks.

In all more than 5 million people saw arm-wrestling on TV this past summer, solidifying its place as a new sport to watch – and participate in – across the U.S. WAL tournaments are open to the public, and anyone who believes they are strong enough can compete for a chance to pull in The Pit, the league’s signature competition space.

It’s there that titans like locals Marty Anzik and A.J. Henson go to compete, but it all starts on the qualifier level, so anyone interested is encouraged to try it out.  The qualifier event at the Gallatin Valley Mall will offer both Men’s and Ladies weight classes, as well as amateur, master (age 45+) and open divisions in the following weight classes:

MEN’S DIVISIONS – AMATEUR, OPEN AND MASTERS (45+) 0-165, 166-195, 196-225, 226+

LADIES – 0-128, 129-148, 149+


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