After President Trump called on Democrat Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) to resign over the weekend, the question no longer was "if" President Trump would visit Montana, but "when."  How soon can we we welcome a visit by President Trump back to the Big Sky state?

That's the question I threw at Marc Short, who called in to Tuesday's "Montana Talks" radio show from the White House. Short is the Director of Legislative Affairs for the White House. He told me this:

"He (President Trump) is very excited. We were just having a meeting about that earlier this morning, about trying to find a time...but I hope that your listeners will look forward to seeing him sometime very soon."

Short raised some serious questions about Sen. Tester's actions against Admiral Ronny Jackson. Tester apparently knew that Admiral Jackson had been cleared by the FBI, yet Tester decided to trash Jackson on CNN and MSNBC anyway. I'll post more details soon, but wanted to at least get this news out to you quickly this morning. Stay tuned to for more.

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