It’s springtime in Montana! This final week in April has a possibility of snow and rain every day – and that got me thinking. Rather than hate the weather (the natural reaction), what are some of your favorite Gallatin Valley Springtime Activities?

For me on the top of the list is cleaning.  I know, this isn’t fun – but I like to get it done during the off season between snowboarding and summer.  This involves everything I don’t like doing – scrubbing, painting, reorganizing, yucky spiderwebs.. anyhoo.  I love it in June when I’m done and can play in the sun.

I also love watching movies on rainy days.  Ross took me to Rio this past weekend and I was literally dancing in my seat.  Planting – there is something about planting my vege’s in the rain that makes me believe summer might actually be around the corner.  Hot Springs – I think this is the perfect weather for hot springs, that way when you need to get a drink at Chico it’s not brutal getting out of the pool to get it.

Moral of the story is, there is always something to do when you live in paradise!