If you make the trip between Bozeman and Big Sky often, you've most likely had a meal at this popular breakfast destination.

There had been a rumor circulating that the Cafe at the Inn, located in front of the Inn on the Gallatin between Bozeman and Big Sky, was no longer going to serve the general public, and instead, focus primarily on accommodating their guests.

We reached out the the owners of the Inn on the Gallatin for confirmation, and sadly, the news is true. However, if they happen to be open, they won't let you starve.

This is the message we received in response to our request for confimration:

Jesse Ropelato
Jesse Ropelato

So, there you have it. The Cafe at the Inn is now private. This is truly sad news, as it is a favorite breakfast destination for so many. You may be able to get a seat every now and then, but they will only be open to the general public on special occasions.

This Saturday, March 10 is one of your chances.

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