We are now three weeks out from our General Election, and we still don't have a clear-cut winner. All the major news networks have called the election for Joe Biden; however, some states are still in the middle of recounts. One is Georgie, which is re-counting all of their 5 million votes by hand.

Last week, we asked the XL Nation how they feel about the election results. Thanks to all 708 people who voted. Here are the results of our poll:

Credit: Crowdsignal
Credit: Crowdsignal

The Trump Campaign currently has a number of lawsuits filed in battleground states, and more promised. They maintain that ballots in some states were fixed, while in Philadelphia, they are arguing that observers were not allowed to watch vote counting, which a judge granted them the right to do. Last week, a judge ruled in their favor, saying that the Pennsylvania Secretary of State didn't have the authority to extend the voting deadline for mail-in voters with missing ID requirements. The ruling forced the setting aside of any mail-in ballots that arrived after November 9th with missing ID requirements. Whether the lawsuits and recounts will be enough to change the elections remains to be seen.

The Biden Campaign maintains that there were no irregularities in voting for the 2020 General Election.

It's estimated that over 160 million Americans voted in this year's General Election. That's the most ever. In the 2016 election, 136 million people voted. This was the first year that most states allowed mail-in ballots, which, many believe, contributed to the rise in ballots cast.

Just over 600,000 Montanans voted in this year's election. That was about 94,000 more votes than were cast in 2016, which was a record.

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