On Sunday, I drove from Bozeman to Arco, Idaho to meet my parents. My parents and I decided to split a half beef, so that was the reason for the trip.

Arco is about halfway between Bozeman and Boise, where my parents live. The drive offers beautiful scenic views regardless of the time of year. I generally take Highway 20, which intersects with Highway 191 in West Yellowstone, Montana.

While driving along Highway 20, I witnessed something I have never seen before in my life. As I crossed Henry's Fork of the Snake River, I noticed two moose standing on the ice in the middle of the river. It was a cow and a calf. The snow was gently falling, so the scene could not have been more picturesque. When I found a place to safely do so, I turned around to take a picture.

Moose sightings aren't nearly as common as seeing deer and elk. Moose are pretty elusive for their size. You may get lucky and see more than one at times, but it's rare.

Jesse James

What's even rarer is seeing two of them standing on a sheet of ice in the middle of a river. They didn't seem too bothered when I decided to snap a couple of pictures. In fact, at one point, both moose stared right at me. I made sure to keep a safe distance between myself and the two moose because I know how protective moose can be of their offspring.

Jesse James

The picture quality isn't the best. I wish I had a better camera so that I could've captured more detail.

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