Yellowstone at Livingston is currently at 6 feet.  The river is expected to reach flood stage (9ft.) by 6 PM  Monday (6th) and it will continue to rise - reaching just under 10' around noon on Tuesday (7th).  We should see a slow drop from then, but staying at or above flood stage through Thursday the 9th.

At Corwin Springs the Yellowstone is currently at 5 feet with the flood stage being 11 feet.  It is expected to reach just above 10 feet on Tuesday and then drop to around 9 feet by Thursday.

Remember - everything changes with high temperatures, rain or more snow.  So this prediction is based on current conditions.  We are likely going to get T-Storms Monday through Tuesday and depending on the amount of rain they carry and if it is dropped on the already melting snow, we could end up with higher river levels.

MaryEllen Szafranski with Livingston Health Care, has taken on the major task of organizing volunteers to fill (and deliver and put in place if needed) thousands of donated sandbags with donated sand!  MaryEllen is a Scout Leader and arranged for not only her scouts to fill sandbags, but she also got high school students to volunteer during a study hall and then people from around the city and county, with their shovels, wheelbarrels and pick-ups, stopped by the high school to volunteer also!!  The sand and sandbags were donated in part by members of our local RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) Shannon Burke, Director has a great group of talented and knowledgable people ready to help with a variety of projects, at a moments notice.  A very big 'Thank You' to MaryEllen Szafranski for pulling these resources together so quickly and providing a much needed community service!

If you need help with sandbags and filling, hauling and placing them, please call the Local Disaster & Emergency Services Coordinator at 222-4190 work or 223-0165 cell and a list will be made and forwarded to Mrs. Szafranski.  I do not know how her supply is holding up.