It's nearly 90 years old, and it's named after a former British film star. The Jersey Lilly, the hub of Ingomar, Montana, a tiny 14 person town between Forsyth and Roundup, is for sale and you could be its owner/proprietor.

Always wanted to get away from it all? This may be your opportunity. The streets are unpaved, there's only one bar in town (and you own it), and sometimes patrons ride their horses to the establishment. It's like going back in time. The restrooms are even outhouses--one of the only places in Montana where they're still in use.

The price is $225,000 and that gets you the bar, the stuffed animals on the walls, and even their famous bean soup recipe, which would then be your famous bean soup recipe. If you want to see pics of The Jersey Lilly check out their Facebook page.

Should we start a collection?

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