Our jackpot for the Secret Sound from Kenyon Noble is now sitting at $1,350. Wednesday morning at 7:40 we'll start with caller #7 and we'll keep taking calls until we get a winner. Yes, that means Dave & Ally will stay on the air until 5 p.m. if it takes that long to get a winner. We'll also

Add $50 to the jackpot EVERY HOUR that we don't have a winner!

Some things to keep in mind about the Secret Sound:

  • You only have to tell us what the object is not the action that creates the sound. Ex. Wedding ring dropping into a glass. Wedding ring suffices.
  • It's a single object
  • Make Sure You Read What Has Already Been Guessed. Click Here for List (You must be an XL VIP member to view list).
  • Watch the video below for additional hints as to what the Secret Sound is.

We'll take calls starting at 7:40 a.m. Wednesday morning at 406.582.1061. Good Luck!

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