We love our XL Nation VIPs, so we're going to try and help you figure out Dave & Ally's Secret Sound. Below are the incorrect guesses we've received so far.

  1. Something being dragged
  2. Car wash wand
  3. Compressed air
  4. Dave blowing into the microphone
  5. Gravel falling from a truck
  6. Hose
  7. Grain going through an auger
  8. Firework being set off
  9. Morocca
  10. Aerosol spray can
  11. Little wind-up toy
  12. Bug zapper
  13. TV Static
  14. Ripping piece of paper
  15. Silly String
  16. Nails being poured into a scale at Kenyon Noble
  17. Shuffling a deck of cards
  18. Coins out of a machine
  19. Popcorn in a popcorn popper
  20. Espresso machine
  21. Money counter
  22. Running bath water
  23. Creamer
  24. Garbage disposal
  25. Silverware in a drawer
  26. Coffee Grinder
  27. Sink sprayer

Dave & Ally's Secret Sound is made possible by Kenyon Noble.

Must be 21 years of age or older to play. Basic Townsquare contest rules also apply.

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