No matter what, it seems if I am walking anywhere in Bozeman, these things never seem to work at crosswalks. 

Bozeman, from time to time, can have many problems with traffic. Whether the issue is roundabouts and not knowing how they work or the massive amount of potholes that tend to show up after all the snow and ice melts, there tend to be some problems. The issue is, if you are a pedestrian, there is one thing that seems to never work at an intersection no matter where you are. 

If you have been to a crosswalk recently, whether in downtown Bozeman or even on 19th Avenue, the buttons you have to press to use the crosswalk never seem to work. I decided to walk to the grocery store in this lovely cold weather, and the button to use the crosswalk was not responding. 

I probably could have just jaywalked across the road, but I recently sprained my ankle and I can't move quickly. The crosswalks at intersections seem to be time limits. If you even press the button, it won't go, you will have to wait for the crosswalk. 

The problem with that is, what if someone has to wait in the cold or rain and is trying to get home as soon as possible and can only walk? Why can't the buttons work at the intersections in Bozeman? It makes zero sense. 

Maybe the City of Bozeman can use the paid parking idea that they've been floating around to put it to good use and fix the buttons. That would be an ideal improvement for pedestrian safety that they love to preach about in their meetings. 

Just an idea. 

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