Sometimes, you need your vacation to be relaxing, with time to clear your mind.

Thrillist made a list of the Best Relaxing Vacation Destinations in the United States, and one place in Montana landed on the list. Montana has many relaxing vacation destinations, but the place Thrillist named is my favorite. 

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The list claims that one of the most relaxing vacation destinations in the United States is Flathead Lake in western Montana. Flathead is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi and is a dream to visit. 

Photo by Ashe Walker via Unsplash
Photo by Ashe Walker via Unsplash

Thrillist describes Flathead Lake as a low-fuss destination to get away from cities packed with tourists, like Bozeman, Big Sky, and Missoula. This lake is loved by many, from fishing fans, to boaters, to scuba divers. It has something for everyone. 

I grew up on Flathead Lake and was fortunate to spend many summers hanging out either on the lake or on the shore with friends or family. The lake is massive enough to have several islands you can have a picnic on or explore. Plus, there's nowhere you'll find clearer water. It's a special place to visit. 

Photo by Sarithbabu Appu via Unsplash
Photo by Sarithbabu Appu via Unsplash

Additionally, there are several towns around the lake to either camp, visit, or lodge, depending on activities you're interested in and how quiet you'd like your vacation to be. Polson, Bigfork, Woods Bay, Rollins, and Finley Point are all spots on Flathead Lake that are on the water, but don't deal with constant tourists. 

So if you're tired of tourists and need some peace, head up to Flathead Lake. You won't regret it.

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