Everyone seems to be looking at the movie Back To The Future and where the movie thought we would be at on this day 2015, but I find it interesting to look back at where we were in 1985 when the movie was made.

In 1985 governments around the world start screening blood donations for AIDS, which some predicted would wipe out a quarter of the population within 10 years. There was something new on the computer front, the first version of Windows is released Ver 1.0 and the first .com was issued. (Symbolics.com) Something unheard of before was done in the music world, the pop industry joined together to sing "We Are The World."

Year-end close for the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 1546, interest rates year-end Federal Reserve 10.75% and the average cost of new house was $89,330.

Gallon of gas $1.09
Movie Ticket $2.75
US Postage Stamp 22 cents
Bacon per pound $1.65
Bean Bag Lounger $39.99
Rainbow Brite Color Kids $9.99 Each
Rib Eye Steak Lb $3.89

What movie was big? The Color Purple with talk show host Oprah Winfrey.
President Reagan watched as the space shuttle Atlantis is launched.

And the country music world was loving The Judd’s “Why Not Me?”

We might be looking at 2015, but some of us remember 1985 like it was yesterday!