The wait continues for the new season of "Yellowstone." We have heard a lot of speculation that the new season should be released on June 20th. Traditionally the last 3 seasons have aired near Father's Day. Which is why we were super disappointed to return home from a long weekend, and not have our favorite show to watch.

There still hasn't been any news on a possible season 4 premiere date. There have not even been any teaser trailers released for the new season. So, what does that mean? How long are we looking at a for a wait now? There are a couple theories.

Theory 1
We here in Montana already know that the Yellowstone casting department has been looking for extras recently. The show was trying to tie up some loose ends and film scenes that they couldn't film last year. Due to the early snow storm we received in October of 2020, some scenes had to be postponed. Filming resumed this Spring in the Bitterroot Valley. This theory could be the reason for the delay. They have simply not finished filming the entire 4th season. Therefore they cannot release it until everything is properly finished.

Theory 2
The 2021 Summer Olympics are scheduled to take place Friday July 23rd through Sunday August 8th. People are speculating that the producers of "Yellowstone" may not want to compete for ratings with the world wide event. Meaning we may not see the premiere until the traditional Fall television premieres take off. Which is shortly after Labor Day.

Both theories make sense. And both could be true. Maybe the producers are using the Olympics as an excuse to delay the release. They can use the time they bought to finish polishing the recently filmed scenes.

Regardless the painful wait for Season 4 of Yellowstone continues.

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