When people think of Montana, thoughts of cowboys, wide open spaces, and majestic mountain ranges are some of the first things that come to mind. Montana is still considered the wild west for many reasons. There are still a lot of places in Montana that remain untamed by modern civilization.

Cowboy Boots
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People in Montana take great pride in the state's history and it's still celebrated today. Places like Virginia City allow visitors to get a peek into what life was like in Montana over a century ago. Montana is full of western-themed businesses and tourist attractions, and the cowboy lifestyle is still alive and well in the Treasure State.

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Traveling through Montana, you'll find a lot of dive bars. In some small towns, the only business that's open is the bar. That's just the way it goes in Montana. With all of the Cowboys, there have to be plenty of places to wet your whistle, right?

A new bar is opening soon in downtown Bozeman. It's called the Wild West Saloon, and it's expected to open in early June. It's located at 326 E. Mendenhall. The saloon will feature a full bar, live music, roping, and a huge dance floor for swing dancing. That's right! You can actually lasso some cattle (not real cattle) while you're out drinking with your buddies.

Jesse James
Jesse James

The Wild West Saloon is still under construction, but you can follow them on Instagram for updates. We peeked inside the window and it looks like a really cool place. We can't wait to check it out once they open.

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