If you are traveling around Montana this summer and want to check out the local watering hole, here's a helpful tip.

Locals and visitors will be heading to all different parts of Montana to experience what our state offers. People will be hiking, camping, or trying to find a place to relax from their life, and Montana is the place to explore. After a long day of having fun, many of us tend to find a local bar to have an adult beverage and unwind.

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In most small towns of Montana, there will be a local bar filled with locals who have been patrons for years. These bars offer up a look into the personality of the town you might be in and the history of the area.

Photo by George Bakos via Unsplash
Photo by George Bakos via Unsplash

I have been to many of these bars, and there is a couple of things you should never do when visiting these bars.

  1. Whatever you do, don't compare the bar you are to another bar in a big city. Locals hate that comparison and will take the remarks as disrespect.
  2. Don't be a loud, obnoxious jerk. Many people in the bar are there to unwind and drink a cold beverage and don't need someone to disrupt their afternoons or evening.
  3. If there is a Touch Tunes jukebox, play music that fits the mood or won't upset anyone.

If you follow these simple tips, you will be fine visiting any bar in Montana.

Photo by Adam Wilson via Unsplash
Photo by Adam Wilson via Unsplash

I have been around Montana, and some local bars are more friendly than others. If you start ruffling some feathers, remember you can play Touch Tunes off their app on your phone.

There is a bar in Lewistown that wasn't friendly to outsiders, and I played two straight hours of emo music and Cardi B. Revenge is a beautiful thing.

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