Electric scooters have been pretty popular around Bozeman for the past few years so it's no surprise that another competitor has entered the area to see if they can get a slice of the pie.

Now that the weather has been getting pretty beautiful the electric scooters are back out in full force and in recent years the only company that had electric scooters in the Bozeman area was Blink Rides. Then the other day I was driving around and saw an electric scooter that I instantly recognized and only seen in big cities.

Bird via Facebook
Bird via Facebook

Bird Scooters is one of the biggest electric scooter companies in the world right next to Lime and are only usually available in big cities. Also, in locations where the weather tends to be a little bit warmer year round. So this was surprising to see them in a climate where we can get snow at any point and our warm months are short.

When I would go visit California or Arizona, Bird was my main mode of transportation, especially short distances. I have cruised Venice Beach, Scottsdale and the UCLA campus on Bird. They are great reliable but just looking at the app I can see you might be paying a premium to use Bird scooters. You might be paying a little bit more with Bird instead of Blink Rides so make sure you check the prices.

Either way this is great for the city of Bozeman and for students that are here over the summer. These scooters are an efficient and very cheap way to get around town. So have fun this summer!

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