Sometimes a nice, little renovation or some new paint can make a place look brand new, and there are a few places in Bozeman that might need some love. 

One of my favorite reality television shows is Paramount Network's Bar Rescue. If you have never seen the incredible show, Bar Rescue follows the legendary Jon Taffer as he goes around America and helps failed bars turn into moneymakers.

Jon Taffer has fixed over 800 bars around the world and is known as one of the most intelligent bar experts right now. He has saved bars nationwide, but Bar Rescue has never come to Montana. Is the reason because Montana bars are the best of the best, or is it because no one has asked? 

So this got me thinking, what bars in Bozeman could you see Bar Rescue come to either help save or reshape? Here are my choices for Bar Rescue. 

  • The Filling Station-this bar in Bozeman is off of Rouse Avenue and is one of the oldest bars in the city. The Filling Station, or The Filler, hosts concerts as well. The building needs a little sprucing up, and Bar Rescue would help. 
  • Kitty Warren Social Club-This basement bar under El Camino and it's a bit strange. I always thought this bar was supposed to be like a prohibition bar, but it gives the feeling that it's all over the place. Bar Rescue can help them market for what they are trying to achieve.  

Those are the only two bars that I could truly think about where Bar Rescue would come to Bozeman. Even though some folks would put bars like The EaglesCat's Paw, or even the Haufbrau on the list, those bars might need a little work, but locals love them no matter what. 

It would be wild if Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue came to Bozeman because I would love to be there. 

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