We’ve all left a bathroom without realizing we have a piece of toilet paper stuck to our shoe. Dante Autullo of Orland Park, Illinois took that type of embarrassing lack of recognition to an absurd extreme when he left a project he was working on in his garage without realizing he had a nail stuck in his skull.

Autullo was working on ladder when he slipped and his nail gun bumped against his head. He didn’t think much of it — even texting his fiance a picture of a small scratch on his scalp, which he believed came from the force of the gun hitting his head. He went about his business for about a day, before waking up nauseous from a nap and deciding he needed to go to the hospital.

It was there that this gem of an x-ray was taken. It’s really not as bad is it looks — the nail lodged into Autullo’s skull is just under the skin, and didn’t penetrate toward the middle of brain as it appears in the image.

Surgeons were able to remove the nail by drilling two small holes in his skull. Autollo is expected to make a full recovery with no long-term ill-effects.

[Via Geekosystem]