On Wednesday, January 27th, Joe Nichols was announced as the third headliner for Headwaters Country Jam 2016. I once worked as a runner for Joe Nichols.During a Joe Nichols concert last summer, I worked directly with Joe and his tour manager as his runner. This means I drove Joe to places he needed to go and ran various errands for him.

From my interactions, Joe is one of the most down to earth artists I have interacted with. I was able to talk to him while I drove him to a local gym. We joked about having the same name, as well as life and music. For how popular Joe Nichols is in country music, he remained very humble throughout his tenure in country music. He isn't afraid to answer questions about himself or his career.

I was able to stand on the side of the stage for the performance. His stage presence and audience interactions make for a great show, if you haven't seen him in concert yet. I can't wait to see him again at Headwaters Country Jam 2016!

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