I don't know about you, but February did not feel like it was a record-setting month when it came to snow. It turns out, however, that the campus up at Montana State did, indeed, set a record for February.

According to our friends over at KBZK, the weather reporting station at Montana State is closing out the month just ahead of last year's record year.  Currently, Bozeman MSU is at 29.7 inches for the month of February. Last year in 2019, the campus weather station recorded 29.2 inches of snow for February, which at that time was a record.

You may remember that last year, Bozeman MSU closed out the month of February with 6 continuous days of snow. 23" of snow fell in 2019 on campus from February 24th to March 1st to make it a record snowfall year. This year, most of the snow for February dumped on us in the first couple of weeks of February. This after we began the month with temps in the 50s.

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