Thanksgiving is an incredible time of the year to bring family and friends together with a fabulous meal. The thing is, what if we could make the food even better. 

Ok, this might start some controversy, but honestly, turkey is a Thanksgiving dinner of the past, and we need to go forth and make something that that is even better. So this year, I will be preparing a standing rib roast instead of a turkey, and I am excited. 

I loathe looking towards Thanksgiving because making a turkey is such a long and annoying process. Plus, if you aren't careful that turkey can get dry and unbearable. I used to cook a pork roast for Thanksgiving too because sometimes you just need to make life easy for you. 

So why a rib roast? Well, it's pretty simple to explain. You might pay a little bit more, but you can get a lot more leftovers, don't have to worry about ten thousand bones, and cooking a rib roast can be pretty simple to cook. I will be using the famous chef Alton Brown's recipe because he makes it as simple as possible, and the finished product looks delicious. Check out the video below. 

You might ask where you can get a rib roast around the Gallatin Valley? The places I have seen with them available right now are Rosauers and a few of the meat shops. I would call grocery stores, in case they can make you one. 

Why not change it up one year and make something that is fancy and will turn out delicious. 

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