I have so many questions on how they got these results because they obviously didn't do too much research and it shows.

Best Life came out with a ranking of the Most Expensive Suburb in Every State and what they picked for Montana had me laughing and shaking my head in disbelieve because not only were they wrong, they were way off.

According to Best Life, the most expensive suburb in Montana is Red Lodge(a suburb of Billings, even though they are 60 miles away from Billings) and their median home price is just over $291,000. That's adorable.

The official definition of a suburb is, "an outlying district of a city, especially a residential one." It's obvious Best Life doesn't know where to really look for a suburb because you could choose several places around Bozeman as a suburb and they would crush Red Lodge's median home price.

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For instance, let's say we chose Four Corners, it's an area of Bozeman and is an outlying district and the average median home price in that area is a staggering $850,000 and that hurts my soul. Thought this does prove my point that the suburbs around Bozeman blow Red Lodge's median home price out of the water.

There are many suburbs around Bozeman from Ferguson Farms to Four Corners to many others that could be considered for this list but I think Best Life chose a town and honestly, that doesn't make sense especially when it comes to the definition of a suburb.

I have to say that maybe in the future websites like this can do a little more research into their topic.

For more details, check out Best Life.

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