Apparently, there's been a moose on the loose in Bozeman. One of the Bozeman Police Officers spotted the animal while on patrol earlier this week.

Some locals were having some fun while commenting, like Nancy, who stated "I want to know if Rocky was with him. Maybe he is out looking for him and got lost," on the Bozeman Polices Facebook page.

Bozeman Animal Control Officer, Wenthe, ran across the moose and wants to remind residents to be sure to keep pets on a leash to avoid any conflicts with wildlife. As with most wildlife, you never really know what they may do or when they may venture into your backyard.

Photo courtesy of Bozeman Police Department/Facebook
Photo courtesy of Bozeman Police Department/Facebook

This sighting comes a little over a month after a black bear was spotted below the "M" Trail in Bozeman. The bear was seen along the side of Bridger Canyon Road picking up a deer carcass.  Watch the video of the bear here.

Here are some interesting moose facts according to National Geographic:

  • Moose are the largest of the deer species.
  • They can grow to be 5 to 6.5 feet tall (measuring to the top of their shoulders) and weigh about 1200 pounds.
  • The flap of skin underneath their chin is known as the bell.
  • Moose antlers can spread 6 feet from end to end and can weigh about 40 pounds.
  • The only correct plural of moose is moose.
  • Moose can travel at speeds up to 35mph.
  • Moose eat an average 73 pounds of food a day in the summer and 34 pounds a day in the winter.


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