Where does it stop? As President Trump predicted back in 2017, the radical Left may have started with tearing down Confederate memorials and statues, but he added, "is it George Washington next week? And is it Thomas Jefferson the week after?"

Now we are seeing radical Leftists and rioters tearing down or working to tear down statues of George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, prominent abolitionists and others.

So where does it stop? Closer to home here in our own backyard, should Lewis & Clark be next? Should we re-name Lewis & Clark County, home to the state's capitol? Should we tear down all of the Lewis and Clark Trail signs across Montana? Should we de-fund The Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls?

Great Falls City Commissioner Rick Tryon has a must-read piece posted at E-City Beat. He pointed out that Lewis & Clark were slave owners. He then asked this question of locals apologizing for, or cheerleading for, the monumental destruction taking place elsewhere across the country:

So let me ask the local gang of ‘social justice warriors’, should we abandon all references to Lewis and Clark here in Great Falls because they were slave owners?

How many statues depicting the Corps of Discovery are you willing to deface and tear down in your mission to erase history and cleanse it of it’s uncomfortable and even brutal realities.


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