If you plan camping in Montana these upcoming months, you better book your spot soon.

Whether you are a local or visiting Montana, people love camping. You can camp everywhere, from state and national parks to the backcountry. Everyone loves setting up a tent and being one with the outdoors. 

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If you're new to camping, you might wonder where Montana's best camping spots are. It all depends on what you are looking for. 

Do you want views? Experiences? Access to the outdoors? We have the answer for you. 

Photo by Scott Goodwill via Unsplash
Photo by Scott Goodwill via Unsplash

Love Exploring made a list of Every State's Top Campsite, and Montana's is a classic and a beauty. 

The top campsite in Montana is the Apgar Campground in Glacier National Park. The Apgar Campground puts you in the heart of West Glacier and has direct access to Lake McDonald, Polebridge, and countless hiking trails. 

Glacier National Park via Facebook
Glacier National Park via Facebook

Plus, the views are immaculate and unforgettable. 

If you want to book your spot at the Apgar Campground, do it as soon as possible. These spots book up quickly with tourists and locals alike. If you are lucky, you might be able to find an opening this summer. 

If you want to try camping closer to the Bozeman area, we have some incredible camping options that will suit your needs. 

Photo by Cole Allen via Unsplash
Photo by Cole Allen via Unsplash

If there is one thing you don't want to do this summer is look like a total rookie setting up your campsite and having trouble with your tent. Everyone will think you are a tourist and make fun of you mercilessly. 

Either way, try to have fun this summer camping. 

For more details, check out Love Exploring

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